Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hayley Paige Trunk Show!! q

This is the probably THE most buzzed about collection for Spring '14, and we will have the complete collection this weekend, (Friday 25th thru Sunday 27th). I am over the moon for this designer & her aesthetic. For me, this collection is the one that takes the cake. The most delicious and sparkliest of cakes. ;)

Hayley Paige is the queen of everything fun, flirty and sparkly....and I simply cannot get enough of her!! She created the cropped top gown that took over social media for this season....the adorable, 'Dori'. Now, she did cover the tummy for production, but the runway and editorial version was pretty amazing!

Here are some of the gorgeous gowns that will grace our salon!! As always, we will be serving our famous mimosas, celebratory champagne & our outstanding customer service.

For the trunk show, we will be extending a discount to our beloved brides, so be sure to schedule your appointment ASAP with our seasoned stylists! Can't wait to see you there! ;) 512.374.9492

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bridal Market Highlights

OMG. This New York Bridal Market was a gamechanger. 

In seasons past, designers collectively wait until October market to present the newest trends set to be unveiled within their Spring collections, but that theory was shattered with last weekends' presentation. Designers went all out with bold designs, wonderfully obscene amounts of sparkle and the freshest take on 'bridal flirty' that we have seen in years.

I was so thrilled with what my peepers were witnessing, I simply had to jump the gun on my popular  'bridal recap' posts, and tittle your taste buds with some highlights.

First up: Katie May 
   This newbie and social media maven has made her mark in the world of bridal. Cannot even begin to express how much I love this California girl!

 Next on the schedule, Hayley Paige
    Another young starlet, this adorable designer has created collections full of sparkle, flirt and awesomeness.

 For even more sparkle, the lovely Lazaro
     The self entitled collection 'Return to Opulence' was just that. Might I say, deliciously decadent??

 Continuing to bring the sexy, Marisa.
    No bras or spanx needed. These gowns are all the fabulous needed to show off curves and enhance everything gorgeous.

The grand finale, Watters and WTOO
     We were pinching ourselves the entirety of this showing....afraid that it was all too good to be true.

Believe it or not, there are many more highlights of this remarkable market to come....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April is Bridesmaids' Month!!

It's time to celebrate the BFFs!! (Bridal Friends & Family)...sounds so much sweeter than maids doesn't it?!? 

Thru the month of April Serendipity is extending a discount of 10% off of each dress, 15% off for parties of 6 or more, and 15% for all BFFs of Serendipity Brides!! 

Here are some of my new favs from Amsale and Watters. 

With great discounts on amazing Spring 14 gowns like these arriving daily; it isn't a chore being a maid!! ;)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Katie May Trunk Show

We are always trying to stay one step ahead of the trends in bridal, and we love introducing talented new comers into Texas.......our most recent bridal designer crush is Katie May. 

This west coast dynamo has jet set herself to stardom with the simple act of releasing photographs on social media. With only one collection under her belt, these signature, backless bridal beauties have created an instant hit nationwide, and we are BEYOND thrilled to be the sole source in the lone star state to carry these gowns.

This weekend, March 21st thru 23rd, we will have the full first collection available in several sizes and colors on our showroom floor. Appointments are extremely limited, so please call and schedule your one on one with our seasoned stylists ASAP. 512-374-9492

Monday, March 3, 2014

Wedding Worthy Oscar Fashion

The Academy Awards' Red Carpet was scattered with wedding worthy fashions last night!! Shades of nudes, champagnes and metallics ruled as the color palette of choice, and the golden rule of 'less is more' allowed for the gowns to take center stage....and I LOVED it!!

There were so many bridal influences throughout the evening and here are some of my favs:
Bridal look: Sarah Seven

Bridal look: WTOO Bridal

Bridal look: Lazaro 

Bridal look: Hayley Paige
Bridal look: Lazaro

Bridal look: Lazaro

I loved the soft hair and makeup choices by so many of the starlets, and the side swept look is definatly a 'do'!!!! These looks are easily interpreted into bridal!!